Want to be a part of it?




Our classes will educate you, teach you and give you the best fitness experience and workout. What ever the class, the coaches will explain everything to you, so you know what is going on.


A WOD Class is your everyday fun class, this is where you will begin and continue your CrossFit journey daily and where all the fun happens. It be a group class, consisting of a warm up, strength exercise/skill work and a WOD. Coaches will teach and educate you through all aspects of movements in the class.


Open gym will be a time in between classes and also when the gym maybe free and a coach is available. This is where you can catch up on missed WOD’s, work on your weaknesses or work on any other exercises you wish. A coach will always be at hand to help you master your skills. Use this time wisely and you will see big improvements.


We will offer specialty classes such as Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, Rowing Club, Gymnastics and Mobility classes. Also bring in seminars to provide information to members and visitors. This is the beauty of crossfit, there is always something new to learn, a new skill to master and a wealth of knowledge to be acquired!